Blow-Up is suited for your showcase and portfolios. The theme resizes images to fill browser while maintaining image dimension ratio.

This page shows all Theme Styles of the BLOW-UP themes.
There are 6 Blow-Up themes in the download file:
• HV-Blow-Up with and HV-Blow-Up You Tube with a vertcal menu
• HV-Blow-Up Dropdown and HV-Blow-Up Dropdown YouTube have a menu with clear navigation through your website with sublevel arrows pointing the way as you drill down through the slick jQuery menus.
• HV-Blow-Up Flickr and HV-Blow-Up DropDown Flickr theme that pulls all images from Flickr.

HIDE 'n' SHOW STACK (not included in the downlopadfile)
When you're showing your photos in large sizes, your visitors might find it annoying that they're covered by the menu and content. Wouldn't it be great to just be able to click it away, so you can view the whole photo?
Well, thanks to the Hide 'n' Show-stack by Tsooj Media that is now possible!
To show you what I mean, have a look at this page for example: top-right you will see the linktext 'Hide Content' (any text or image is possible) in the ExtraContent4 area. Clicking this text will beautifully slide the content away, and let your visitors fully enjoy your portfolio. They can bring back the page's content simply by clicking the link once more.
Whatever you want your visitors to be able to click away is up to you! Personally, for example, I like to see what the photo is about, so I would leave the slide caption in. But this is all your decision of course! This awesome stack makes your portfolio and the way you present it truly dynamic.
This stack is definitely a must-have addition! It's not included in this theme but available here.
With the plugin Pluskit you can import this stack in any other page.

Download three HV-Slider Stacks, made by Tsooj Media. They are free! With these stacks (only for the XENSE and the BLOW-UP themes) it's very simple to add your images to the background. The setup for these stacks is dead simple: drop the HV-Slider stack into a Stacks page and drop a HV-Slider Image stack in it for each image.
All settings are in the Side Panel.
With these free stacks you don't need the Blow-Up snippets in the download file.

Logo Position
When you put your logo in the RW > Site-Setup > Logo it appears on the right part of the Title and Slogan. The Readme explains how to move the logo to any another position. With this option the Title and Logo have a link with the index.html of your website.
Personally I think the logo in the ExtraContent 1 (below the menu) or in the ExtraContent 4 area (at the right side of the browser) would be a better place. Click on the image to enlarge it.

ExtraContent areas
BLOW-UP has up to 4 ExtraContent areas (click on the image to enlarge it) that allows the user to add more content then RapidWeaver typically allows. You can use these areas for slideshows, textlines, images, Google ads, date and time snippets, searchbox or whatever.

BLOW-UP has three different main- and submenu font-sizes, normal/bold, with or without text shadow. You can also hide the Menu. There are 4 sub levels (see image left).

You can hide the Menu (and the Title, Slogan, Content, Footer) in the Theme Styles and design your own website with for example a vertical or horizontal menu with a menu stack and the plugin Stacks.
Example 1, Example 2.


You can add as many images as you like (to the Assets with RapidWeaver-4, to the Resources with RapidWeaver-5 or images uploaded on your server), add the name of the photos and the photographer with or without a link, choose for a transition (fade, slide or carousel slideshow), a speed, show or hide the thumbnails and navigation bar, choose for a pause slideshow on hover, and much more:
• Slideshow on/off
• Autoplay on/off
• Start Slide. The slide the slideshow starts on. 0 causes a random image to be loaded. Default it's 1.
• Stop Loop on/off
• Randomon/off
• Slide interval in milliseconds
• Transition effects, options are as follows: Fade, Slide in from top, Slide in from right, Slide in from bottom, Slide in from left, Carousel from right to left, Carousel from left to right
• Speed of transition in milliseconds
• New window (whether or not slide links open in a new window) on/off
• Pause Hover on/off
• Progress Bar on/off
• Keyboard Navigation Allows control via keyboard on/off
• Image protection on/off
And more options with CSS in the Readme.

In the Theme Styles > Overlay you can add a transparent overlay. There are 14 different overlays (4 in the theme, 10 in the download file).
This is an example of an overlay and here another one.

This theme provides built-in support for Josh Lockhart’s RapidSearch plugin. You can put a Searchbox (you'll need the RapidSearch plugin for this) in any ExtraContent container. This demo site shows an example in the EC4 container.

This demosite is build with different Theme Styles and with very simple CSS-codes. You can paste these in the Custom CSS (Page-Inspector > Header > CSS) of your RW-page. There are more of these codes in the Readme file and they are really very simple to use.
There are some extra CSS codes for styling your image navigation bar in the Readme.

1. Quick start to see what you can do with this theme
2. How to install a theme
3. The Title and Logo have a link with the index.html of your website
4. Position of the Logo
5. Adding a background slideshow with my images (Quick Start)
6. Adding a background slideshow with your own images
          THE SNIPPETS
          THE IMAGES
          THE SETTINGS
          HIDE CONTENT
          iPAD and iPHONE
7. Add a Background Pattern (without Background Image)
8. Menu Width and more...
9. Menu Uppercase fontstyle
10. Text Shadow.
11. Size and Font-Weight Slide Caption and Counter Text
12. Using RapidCart
13. Underline Links
14. Fill the content with an image and/or add a border
15. Additional CSS to the images navigation bar
16. Box Shadow to the input fields of a Contact Page
17. Font-Size Content
18. Searchbox in an ExtraContent area
19. TextTime in an ExtraContent area
20. Date (US and European) in an ExtraContent area
21. Mail-a-Friend script in an ExtraContent area
22. prettyPhoto stack in a Photo Album page
23. Show all SubMenus
24. Music or Sound Effect
25. The Blow-Up YouTube theme (only with the free bgVideo stack!)
26. ExtraContent Instruction Manual
27. Import a stack or page in another page with Pluskit.
28. Codes for the Sidebarheader
29. Issues.
30. The Blow-Up Flickr themes.
31. Overlays (with extra images)
32. Toggle Content with the Hide 'n' Show stack (new)

The ReadMe is very extended and describes very detailed and with some tutorials how to style your site and how to add images, slideshows, etc.

MUST-HAVE STACKS (not included in the downlopadfile)
There are some really must-have stacks for themes with a full size background image:
1. The ScrollPane stack. With this stack you can put a lot of content on a page without covering your image entirely with text.
2. The El Tint-o stack places a semi-transparent background behind your RapidWeaver content.
3. The Show 'n' Hide stack. When you're showing your photos in large sizes, your visitors might find it annoying that they're covered by the menu and content. Wouldn't it be great to just be able to click it away, so you can view the whole photo?
4. The HV-Slider stacks.

The RapidWeaver Central website shows all available stacks. The stacks shown in this demo site are not included in the download file!

Allmost plugins and stacks work with BLOW-UP. All built-in plugins work with this theme. Some 3d party plugins don't work with Blow-Up.
Almost every day new stacks are released and I haven't test them all. So I cannot guarantee that every stack will work.
Internet Explorer 7 and 8 don't support rounded corners, text- and boxshadows. When you use the El Tint-o stack rounded corners show up with these browsers too.

This theme has been tested and is OK with all modern browsers: IE7, IE8, IE9, Google Chrome, Camino, Firefox and Safari (for Windows and Mac), and on your iPhone and iPad*.

The iPad/iPod/iPhone and some other mobile devices cannot handle background image stretchers. So when you use a full page background image or a slideshow and you have to scroll down on a page, the lower part of text falls outside of the image. To prevent this make sure you choose a background colour in the Theme Styles that allows you to properly read the text, and is similar to the colour of the background image (e.g. if your text is white and the bottom part of your background image black, choose black as the background colour in Theme Styles > General Colours > Body Background, so it will look as if the picture does not end when you're scrolling down.

Though this is only important when you have a lot of content on a page ánd a background image, just to be on the safe side you might always choose a background colour similar to the background image.

The Manual is very detailed. Read this very carefully before you send me questions. If your troubles are not exclusive to my theme or if you think the issue might be a software concern, please do a search on the Realmac Software forum first.
But you can also post your questions on the Realmac Software forums (Blow-Up thread) and I am sure that I or one of the folks there will help straighten you out enough.

Adding a background music or a sound effect to a slideshow is very simple with some available mp3 stacks (not included in this theme). The Readme describes another method too (example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4) but you that doesn't work on an iPad/iPhone.

• 6 Blow-Up themes:
          HV-Blow-Up YouTube
          HV-Blow-Up DropDown
          HV-Blow-Up DropDown YouTube
          HV-Blow-Up Flickr
          HV-Blow-Up DropDown Flickr
• ExtraContent snippets.
• 10 Extra transparent overlay images.
• Manual.
• A 25% off discount code for the XENSE themes.

Do not overwhelm your visitors with hundreds of pages with photos. Personally I should use this theme within a project made with another theme, just to show your portfolio.

You can use this theme with or without background images. Before you start to make a website with this theme I would like to give some notes about using it:
• When you add background images it would be better not to add large amounts of text or other content. This theme is great to show your photos, pictures or whatever, so don't cover them with too much other content. That's why I've also added the option to hide the menu and/or the title and slogan in the Theme Style.
When you would like to add more content I think the ScrollPane stack (not included in the theme!) is a must have: you can add many content without annoying your visitors.