This is the SidebarHeader.

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With BOHEMIAN you can design a website with a clean and professional look... or go wild with patterns, colours, up to four Extra Content Container and an unlimited number of TextBoxes. Now it's really fun to design your website!

Some of the Theme Variations of Bohemian Split and Bohemian Dual:

• 5 different built-in headerimages and the ability to add 10 custom header images, or choose any backgroundcolour or pattern.
• 8 different transparent effects on the header image and the ability to use your custom effect.
• Up to 4 ExtraContent Containers. There's no need to use this option! You can use only TextBoxes too (see text in Sidebar) or both.
• Different body and header, beam and content, top and footer, subheader and submenu background patterns built right into the theme. 10 are built right in and you can also add your own or replace the other ones. Or choose a colour! There are thousands of combinations with patterns and/or colours.
• Three options for the position of the Sidebarheader: in the Sidebar, below or on the Header Image.
• BOHEMIAN Split has a SplitMenu and BOHEMIAN Dual has a DualMenu: the first level of navigation is always horizontal and displays at the top of the page. For second level navigation, you decide if you'd prefer it vertically in the Sidebar or horizontally below the header image. Read more about the menus here.
• Many color picker features.

This theme comes with 4 ExtraContent Snippets and 2 TextBox Snippets.

I've added the demo BannerZest header above (with title) in the index.html to try it immedately after purchasing the theme. Just enable the radiobutton "Display the banner" in the Theme Styles.
But wouldn't it be nice to design your own header? See this tutorial page by Brian Morgan and visit his "Reference" page to get a 20% Rapidweaver users' discount on Bannerzest or Bannerzest Pro.