This is the demosite of the Rapidwever theme EXPOSURE. This theme gives your site a clean and very professional look and the widescreen image at the top is really an eye-catcher for your visitors. With a slideshow plugin (Weaverpix, symCanvas, symNivo, etc.) you can even add a slideshow on your header (iPhone, iPad too). The manual explains how to do this. With Pluskit you can import them in any page.

EXPOSURE has a jquery fading dropdownmenu. Down- and Right-Arrows show the menu-items with sublevels for clear navigation through your website.
When opening a page the menu slides down with a fading effect. You can disable the sliding in the Theme Styles.
EXPOSURE BASIC has the same jquery fading dropdownmenu and all options of EXPOSURE, but there's no sliding and fading effect of the menu when opening a page.

This theme has 4 ExtraContent areas that allow the user to add more content then RapidWeaver typically allows:
• EC1: On the Header above the Title/Slogan.
• EC2: Between the Content and the Footer.
• EC3: Below the Footer.
• EC4: this area can be used for a slideshow on the header.
The EC1, EC2 and EC3 containers can be used for a RapidSearchbox (you'll need the RapidSearch plugin for this), a Date and Time snippet, text, images or whatever. This page shows the date in the ExtraContent1 area.

• SOME THEME STYLES of EXPOSURE (Click on the image left or go to this page)
• 9 different widths.
• 4 different headerimage heights (125px, 150px, 175px or 200px).
• 5 different built-in headerimages and the ability to add custom header images or background patterns.
  The ReadMe file explains how to add more headerimages. As much as you like! In only 2 steps.
• Transparent film on the headerimage as background for Title/Slogan. You can even add a colour to this film. Any colour!
• 3 different submenu backgrounds (transparant black or white, or any colour).
• Up to 4 ExtraContent Containers.
• Many color picker features and much more: have a look at all Theme Styles

EXPOSURE has been tested and is OK with all RapidWeaver plugins and with the major browsers: IE6, IE7, IE8, Google Chrome, Opera, Camino, Firefox and Safari (for Windows and Mac).