Click on an image below for all Theme Styles of the EXPOSURE themes (edit: I've added 3 Content fontsizes -12px, 13px, 13px - and more colour options).

expo1 expo2 expo3 expo4 expo5
BTW, this nice enlarging effect is FancyZoom and is made with the plugin PlusKit. Pluskit can automatically convert your photos to 'Lighbox' or 'FancyZoom' format (this is super-slick).

I've added the possibility of adding slidehsows with the image slider plugins Weaverpix, symSwirl, symNivo, symCanvas (there will be more slidehsow plugins in the future...) to this theme. Just enable the ExtraContent 4 area in the settings of these plugins... and that's all!
Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4

The maximum size of the Logo must be 120px (depending of the height of the header in the Theme Styles).
By default the logo is on the left part of the header next to the Title and Slogan in the ExtraContent 1 area (image left). The Readme explains how to move the logo to another position.

This theme has 4 ExtraContent areas that allow the user to add more content then RapidWeaver typically allows (click on the image to show all EC areas):
• EC1: On the Header above the Title/Slogan. This EC area can be used for a RapidSearchbox, a Date and Time snippet, an Extra Menu, NewsTicker, a textline or whatever.
• EC2: Between the Content and the Footer.
• EC3: Below the Footer.
• EC4: this area can be used for s slideshow on the header.
When you have the Stacks Plugin from YourHead and this EC enabled theme, you can download an ExtraContents Stacks plugin.
Colours, font, fontsize, and background can be changed in the Colour Palette in the Theme Styles and with the Custom CSS Snippet.

1. How to install a theme?
2. How to add your own background-image or pattern to the header?
Option A
Option B
3. How to add a pattern to body and container?
4. How to add ExtraContent area(s) in your RapidWeaver page?
5. The Logo and Title have a link with the index.html of your website.
6. Position of the Logo.
7. The 'down' and 'right' images in the menu.
8. Hide the Fading and Sliding Effect of the Menu.
9. Increase the width of the submenu.
10. Title and Slogan inline.
11. Fontsize and Fontweight Title and Slogan.
12. Position and border FlashSlideshow.
13. How to change the fontsize of Content/Sidebar/Footer/Breadcrumb?
14. How to change the fontsize and fontweight of the SidebarHeader?
15. Text Shadow Title and/or Slogan, Blog Title or ExtraContent
16. Title text in different colours.
17. When the menu hides the Content/Sidebar.
18. Hide the Menu Shadow.
19. Add a BannerZest flash header to this theme.
20. Add a Slideshow with a slideshow plugin to the header of this theme.
21. RapidSearchBox in ExtraContent area and styling of your searchbox.
22. TextTime in ExtraContent area.
23. Date (US and European) in ExtraContent area.
24. Mail-A-Friend in ExtraContent area.
25. Using RapidCart

EXPOSURE has been tested and is OK with all RapidWeaver plugins and with the major browsers: IE6, IE7, IE8, Google Chrome, Opera, Camino, Firefox and Safari (for Windows and Mac). Internet Explorer cannot display textshadows. This theme is XHTML and CSS validated. Oh, and it looks great on the iPhone and iPad too!