• Create eye catching slideshows with image slider plugins in the ExtraContent 2 and 4 container . . .
  • . . . for example with Weaverpix, symNivo, symCanvas, symSwirl, symCrossSlide, etc.
  • The ReadMe in the downloadfile has a tutorial how to do this. . .
  • . . . and that's really very simple!
  • You can import a slideshow with Pluskit in any other page.
  • This is the Newsticker stack in the ExtraContent 3 container.
MAGNETIC theme (click here)
Magnetic has a striking menu, 9 ExtraContent containers and a small, medium or tall header giving it the ability to make eye catching banner slideshows!
In the Readme file is a Collapse tutorial how to make this expandable and collapsible toggle panel in only three steps.

This is the demo site of the Rapidweaver MAGNETIC theme.
There are three different header heights. This page shows the tall size. You can 'fill' the header with a slideshow, an image with a slideshow, two slideshows, a slidehow with a background image, or only an image, pattern or color with or without a slideshow, etc. It's all possible with this theme and it's all up to your fantasy! This demo site shows many examples with thanks to all plugin and stacks developers! See this page for all used stacks.

MAGNETIC has a very nice MainMenu with 6 different hover styles. The first level of navigation is always horizontal and displays below the Title and Slogan on the header. The second level navigation is horizontally at the bottom the header. This is limited to only one sublevel of navigation.

Create an eye catching banner slideshow with ExtraContent using an image slider plugin. These plugins are developed and distributed by other developers, so they are not included with the Magnetic theme. You'll find examples in this demo site. And the Readme explains how to add this in the header. More info about slideshows.
You can also hide the background, for example when you add a full size background image with a stack (not included).

MAGNETIC has up to 9 ExtraContent areas that allows the user to add more content then RapidWeaver typically allows. You can use these areas for slideshows (using an image slider plugin in the ExtraContent 2 or 4 container), textlines, images, social network icons, Google ads, date and time snippets, searchbox or whatever.

MAGNETIC has been tested and is OK with all browsers: IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Google Chrome, Camino, Firefox and Safari (for Windows and Mac), and on your iPhone and iPad.

Theme Styles HV-Sereno
MAGNETIC has many different theme variations. Click on the image left or go to this page to see all theme styles in detail. Read about the Theme Info here.