This is the demosite of the MENU DROPDOWN theme which comes with the three MenuFade themes, the MENU SLIDER theme and the MENU SCROLL theme.

The MENU themes comes in three variations:
• MenuFade 1 shows only the submenus of the current menu when you click with your mouse on the Menu Tab.
MenuFade 2 shows all submenus of your website when you click with your mouse on the Menu Tab.
MenuFade Split shows the submenus of the current menu-item in the Sidebar.
But there is more in the downloadfile:
Menu DropDown has a dropdownmenu but no fading effect.
Menu Slider has an elastic menu in the sidebar.
You can add more than one line to a menu-item with these themes (with Menu DropDown only the submenu-items).
Menu Scroll has a scrolling menu, but sublevels are NOT possible!

ExtraContent allows you to add more content then RapidWeaver typically allows.
This theme has three such ExtraContent areas that allow the user to add more text, images or any other form of content while still maintaing the themes visual integrity:
• On the Header, see above (you can add a searchbox here too),
• Between the Header and the Content/Sidebar (example) in 10 different widths.
• Between the Content and the Footer (example).
When you have the Stacks Plugin from YourHead and this EC enabled theme, you can download an ExtraContents Stacks plugin here.

THEME STYLES of Menu DropDown
Some of the Theme Variations of MENUFADE:
• 5 different built-in headerimages and the ability to add 5 custom header images.
• Three different header heights (90px, 105px and 120px).
• Sidebar Left, Right or Hide.
• Up to 3 ExtraContent Containers. There's no need to use this option!
• 8 different Menu widths (70px until 150px), transparent or a colour.
• 9 different widths (750px, 800px, 850px, 900px, 960px, 1000px, 1050 and 1100px).
• Many color picker features.
• And much more: have a look at all Theme Styles.