Mondrian comes in four versions (4 themes!), all with the same look and variations but a different menu:
Mondrian DropDown has a menu with clear navigation through your website with sublevel arrows pointing the way as you drill down through the slick jQuery menus.
Mondrian Split has a Split Menu, so only the submenus of the current horizontal link show up in the Sidebar left or right.
Mondrian Dual has all submenus in the Sidebar.
Mondrian Side has all menus (all levels) in the Sidebar.

Add an animated header with an image slider plugin. You'll find examples in this demo site. And the Readme explains how to add the in the header.

MONDRIAN has up to nine (9!) ExtraContent areas that allows the user to add more content then RapidWeaver typically allows. You can use these areas for slideshows (using an image slider plugin), textlines, images, social network icons, Google ads, date and time snippets, or whatever.

Go to
this page to see all theme styles and here for more info about this theme such as the multiple widths of the Sidebar and the option of an ExtraContent area on the right part of the headerimage.

The theme has 10 different header images , 3 different header heights and the ability to add custom header images or background patterns. The ReadMe file explains how to add more header images. As much as you like! In only 2 steps.
And of course a lot of color variations!