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The Internet isn’t just on your computer screen anymore. It’s also on your phone, tablet and laptop. So when you visit a modern webpage the content responds to the device on which it is being rendered. To see it in action, open this page on a desktop browser and slowly make the browser thinner and wider... Or have a look here.

NOTEPAD has a dropdown-menu with more sub-levels. By default the submenu shows up at the right side of the main menu. There is an option that the menu shows up below a main menu item. Down- and Right-Arrows (optional you can hide them) show the menu-items with sub-levels for clear navigation through your website.
With the Hide 'n' Show stack (not included) in the ExtraContent 1 or 2 you can create a menu button above or below the Title/Slogan. Or create the nice slide toggle effect of the content (as on this page).

Each NOTEPAD theme has 23 different looks, most of them are transparent.
On your mobile device you'll see a menu icon. With a fixed position (optional) the left side of the website (Title/Slogan/Menu/Sidebar) is fixed when scrolling up and down the content.
With the Hide 'n' Show stack (not included) in the ExtraContent 1 or 2 you can create a menu button above or below the Title/Slogan.

Built-in are 12 different Theme Styles to start with.

The theme has two ExtraContent areas, both at the left side. EC1 above the title and slogan and EC2 below the title and slogan. Both areas can be used for text, an image, social media icons (with the built-in font-awesome icons), some stacks (for example the Hide 'n' Show stack, date and time, etc.

A common request made by many RapidWeaver users is the ability to disable links in a drop-down menu, but keep the text displayed in the menu and acting as a trigger for sub-pages. Several methods have been devised, but the best one is made by Will Woodgate with his Link-Suppressor script
The NOTEPAD theme is also equipped with this great tool now! Simple, no stacks needed and reliable. In the Theme Styles > Miscellaneous is a button to disable the parent links. Try this example.

The Logo and the Title have a link with the index.html page of your website. By default the logo is at the left side above the Title/Slogan, when enabled in the Theme Styles > Miscellaneous > Show Logo (see this example).

OUTLINE has built-in an option for 302 Font Awesome icons, any color or size is possible. You can use these for social media icons, blogpages or whatever. Read the Manual.

This theme provides built-in support for Nimblehost's RapidSearch plugin. You can put a Searchbox (you'll need the RapidSearch plugin for this) in the ExtraContent 1 container (example) or somewhere else (sidebar, content).

Built-in is an option to make your images fluid, whether they are in the content or in the sidebar. Very simple. Only add the text flexible in the input field of the Alt Tag in the Media Inspector. This is an example with a tutorial how to do that.

1. How to install a theme
2. The Title and Logo have a link with your website
3. Position of the Logo
4. The Sidebar and sidebar icon (and how to replace it)
5. Using RapidCart
6. Using the bgStretcher stack
7. Font-Weight Title, Slogan and/or Menu
8. Absolute or Fixed Sidebar Position (for example this page)
9. Fluid images with the flexible tag
10. Content (Semi)Transparent
11. Inkspot or Coffee Stain position in Content
12. Add a Background Pattern to the body
13. Width SubMenu
14. Underline Links
15. Searchbox
16. TextTime script.
17. Date (US and European) script
18. Mail a Friend script
19. Built-in Theme Color Styles
20. ExtraContent
21. Headings (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 and fonts)
22. More CSS
23. Font Awesome Icons:
       Start with your first FontAwesome Icon
       Size of the FontAwesome Icons.
       Add a Letterpress effect or shadow to your FontAwesome Icon.
       Add a link to your FontAwesome Icon.
       Put an FontAwesome Icon in the ExtraContent 1 or 2 area.
       Put an FontAwesome Icon in a Blog- or Filesharing page, or in the Menu.
       Multiple icons.
       Each icon a different color.
       Icons with text.
       Replace the Menu Icon.

The ReadMe is very extended and describes very detailed and with some tutorials how to style your site and how to add images, background patterns font-awesome icons, etc.

Almost every day new stacks are released and I haven't test them all. So I cannot guarantee that every stack will work. The RapidWeaver Central website shows all available stacks.

This Rapidweaver theme has been tested and is OK with all browsers: IE7*, IE8, IE9, Google Chrome, Camino, Firefox and Safari (for Windows and Mac), and on your iPhone/Android and iPad/tablet.
Down- and Right Arrows don't show up with IE7. But you can also use Font-Awesome arrows for this. Disable the built-in icons in the Miscellaneous section.

This theme has many different Theme Styles and Color Options, don’t forget the Miscellaneous part:


Before sending me questions, please try all options, so you can see what opportunities this theme provides.

The Manual is very detailed. Read this very carefully before you send me questions. If your troubles are not exclusive to my theme or if you think the issue might be a software concern, please do a search on the Realmac Software forum first.

But you can also post your questions on the Realmac Software forums (NOTEPAD thread) and I am sure that I or one of the folks there will help straighten you out enough.

Go to this page to see all Theme Styles.
Download the free trial version and play around with all of its options.

Stacks are not included in the theme! Stacks are designed for use with RapidWeaver and the Stacks2 plugin