Click on the link "Hide Content" in the upper leftcorner to hide the content. This is made with the Hide 'n' Show stack.

When you're showing your photos in large sizes, your visitors might find it annoying that they are covered by the menu and content. Wouldn't it be great if they are able to Hide and Show the content with a simple mouse click? With the Hide ‘n’ Show stack they can...

This stack started as a much requested solution for the full screen photo Themes from Henk Vrieselaar. So we've themed up with Henk and created some Theme Definitions that are ready to use with this stack. Besides these predefined Theme definitions you can also use your own custom definitions to toggle the visibility of your content items. As from version v1.0.2 you can also create your own content elements using the Hide 'n' Show Content stack.

The stacks set comes with integrated support for ExtraContent Area's as defined in the used theme's, extra placement options are added in future release.

Stacks are not included in the theme!