BACKGROUND IMAGE: With this theme you can add a full page background image to your webpage. The image expands when you increase your browserwindow. I've included a downloadlink for 260 different images, but feel free to add your own image!

NAVIGATION: The down- and right-arrows of the jquery dropdown menu show the menu-items with sublevels for clear navigation through your website.

TITLE and SLOGAN: Title is always above the menu but the Slogan can be below the Title or below the footer. Width of the Title stroke can be browserwide or contentwide.

EXTRACONTENT: this theme has up to 6 ExtraContent areas that allows the user to add more content then RapidWeaver typically allows. You can use this area for text, images, newstickers, Google ads, a Date and Time snippet, text, images or slideshows (this demosite shows some examples with the Weaverpix or symNivo plugin). Colours, font, fontsize and background can be changed in the Colour Palette in the Theme Styles and with the EC-CSS Snippet.
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