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The RAINBOW-DD theme has almost the same look as my previous RAINBOW theme: clean, rather minimalistic but stylish. Minimalism gives a professional, clean impression to your visitors.

   MENU:   The RAINBOW-DD theme has a horizontal drop down menu on your desktop, and a side- and drop down menu on your mobile. Down- and right-arrows show the menu-items with sublevels for clear navigation through your website. You can choose from 3 different breakpoints: 768px, 600px en 1024px.
On your mobile the menu pops open when the menu button (or text) in the upper right corner (or optional in the upper left corner) is hovered or (optional) clicked. Hovering (or optional) clicking the close-button hides it again. Add FontAwesome icons to your menu when you like it.

   BACKGROUND and STRIP:   The theme has 10 beautiful background patterns (or choose any color) and 10 different header strips. Browse through this demo site to see them all. Or download a free trial version of the theme. You can use your own pattern or strip too (see manual).

   EXTRACONTENT:   The theme has 6 ExtraContent areas: EC1 and EC2 are disabled! EC3 is below the content, EC4 is in the upper left corner and you can add a search box here, a date or time script or font awesome icons. EC5 is just above the content and EC6 below the Title/Slogan. EC5 and EC6 are great for adding text and/or images above a blog or another not-stacks page. ExtraContent7 is below the footer.
ExtraContent8 can be used for a (responsive) slide show (with the Weaverpix plugin or a responsive slide show stack) or image below or above the Title/Slogan.

   FONT AWESOME:   Font Awesome v3 and v4 is integrated into this theme. That means you have 302 icons (and with Font Awesome 4 even 369 icons) at your disposal, in any color and any size you like. Font Awesome icons are vectors, which mean they're gorgeous on high-resolution displays. And they are completely free for commercial use.

   RESPONSIVE:   The RAINBOW-DD theme is responsive, so it looks and function great on both desktop and mobile platforms (examples).
RAINBOW-DD has a large number of different theme variations, color options, fonts, font-sizes (to Title, Slogan, Content, ExtraContent and Menu), text-shadows, Background patterns, etc.
A website created with this theme will work in all browsers (IE7+) and on your tablet or smartphone.

Download the free trial version and play around with all of its options. The Manual is built-in.
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