Easily drop in your custom site banners to the new RapidWeaver 7 Inspector Pane.
RATIO takes advantage of the new Banner Image option. Not only for a banner, but optional for a fullscreen background image too!
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This is the Rapidweaver RATIO theme:
• Responsive.
• Easily drop in your custom site banners (or fullscreen background!) to the new RapidWeaver 7 Inspector Pane.
• Works fine with RW5, RW6 and RW7.
• Fixed or absolute Menu, Title and Slogan.
• Built-in Scroll-to-Top button
• Sidebar shows up above content (Left Side) or in the Right Side.
• Waterfall enabled
• Font Awesome Icons
• 22 fonts to choose from, independently for the Left and Right Side.
• And much more (go to this page).
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