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The responsive RATIO RapidWeaver* theme is divided in a left and a right area. In the right area you’ll find a fixed (desktop) drop down menu with sublevels. Down- and right arrows show the menu-items with a sublevel for clear navigation through your website.
*RapidWeaver® is a Registered Trademark of Realmac Software Limited

Banner Images or Slideshows
RATIO is a RapidWeaver 7 Theme and takes advantage of the new Banner Image option: only drag an image into the "Override Site Banner’ area in the Page-Inspector:


Your image shows up above the Content in the Left Side area (see image below left). Optional the image is fullscreen, see image below right) (example 1, example 2).


When you like a slideshow in the banner area, use the ExtraContent1 area above the content (example). The manual explains how to do that.
Use this option with RW5 or RW6 too.

Fixed Menu
The Menu is always fixed on your desktop when you scroll down. Optional (for example when you have many menu and/or menu-items) you can make it relative.

There are different options for the sidebar: Hide (default), Show Sidebar above Content (with or without Toggle Button), or at the Right Side (example).

ExtraContent allows you to add more content then RapidWeaver typically allows. There is an extra content snippet in the download file, but with a Stacks page it's much easier to use the free ExtraContent stack or this ExtraContent Plus stack. Learn more about Extra Content here.
There are 3 ExtraContent areas in this theme:
• EC1 is located at the bottom of the right side. Nice for a short message, social icons, a stack or a search box. I’ve added the names of the languages here. When the sidebar is at the right side, the EC1 is hidden.
• EC2 is above the Content. By default it’s hidden, but shows up when you check the checkbox in the Theme Styles > Banner Height and Hide Banner > Hide Banner.
• EC3 is between the Content and the Footer.

Fonts Left and Right
The RATIO theme comes with 23 Webfonts to choose from: independently for the Left or the Right Side.

Scroll to Top Button
A Scroll-to-Top Button (any color is possible) fades in at the bottom right (or optional bottom center) on your page when you scroll down. You can hide it in the Theme Styles.

Responsive Design and Browsers Support
The traditional fixed width design doesn't work any more. Web design needs to be adaptive. The layout needs to be automatically adjusted to fit all display resolution and devices.
Narrow your browser with this page, or check it on your iPhone/iPad/Android device. Or have a look here.
A website created with this theme will work in all modern browsers and on your tablet or smartphone.

Waterfall enabled
Easy, automatic theme updating with the plugin Waterfall for RapidWeaver®.
The hassle of manually updating themes is a pain point every RapidWeaver user has run into as some point. Waterfall is your effortless theme management tool, specifically designed to help save you time and prevent the headaches all too often associated with theme updating.

The Logo and the Title have a link with the index.html page of your website. By default the logo is above the Title (example). There are different options for the logo, for example replace it with the Title (example). Optional you can put it in an ExtraContent area (EC1 for example).

With Font Awesome you have over 500 icons at your disposal, in any color and any size you like. And they are completely free for commercial use.

This theme provides built-in support for Nimblehost's RapidSearch plugin (this plugin is not included). You can put a Searchbox (you'll need the RapidSearch plugin for this) in the ExtraContent or somewhere else (sidebar, content, footer). Read the Manual how to use the search box. Example.

Theme Variations
The RATIO responsive Rapidweaver theme has a huge amount of theme variations, widths, color options, sidebar positions, beautiful fonts, font-sizes, etc. Look over here.

The Manual of the RATIO theme
The Manual is very extended and describes very detailed and with some tutorials how to style your site and how to change fonts, add font-awesome icons, etc.

This theme has many different Theme Styles and Color Options, don’t forget the Miscellaneous part.
Before sending me questions, please try all options, so you can see what opportunities this theme provides. Almost every day new stacks are released and I haven't test them all. So I cannot guarantee that every stack will work.
Find the stack you’re looking for fast with RapidWeaver Central.

The Manual is very detailed. Read this very carefully before you send me questions. If your troubles are not exclusive to my theme or if you think the issue might be a software concern, please do a search or post your questions on the Realmac Software forum first. I am sure that I or one of the folks there will help straighten you out enough.

All theme styles
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Stacks are not included in the theme! Stacks are designed for use with RapidWeaver and Stacks plugin.