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When you put your logo in the RW > Site-Setup > Logo it appears on the right part of the header next to the Title and Slogan (example). The Readme explains how to move the logo to any another position. The Title and Logo have a link with the index.html of your website.
Of course you can also use one of the ExtraContent areas for a logo, for example EC1.

ExtraContent containers SERENO
SERENO has up to 7 ExtraContent areas (click on image left) that allows the user to add more content then RapidWeaver typically allows. You can use this area for textlines, images, slideshows, social networks icons, Google ads or whatever. Colours, font, fontsize, borders and background can be changed in the Colour Palette in the Theme Styles and with the Custom CSS Snippet.

You can use any EC area for a slideshow with one of the Rapidweaver image slider plugins. This demo site shows some examples of slideshows. EC7 is the Title and Slogan area.
You can also add a header image instead of a slideshow. Any height is possible (see the Readme)!

Submenu levels
There are 5 submenu levels. Click on the image left.

You can add an image to your web page that covers your whole background. This is an example (just drag your image in RW and paste a code in the Custom CSS, see chapter 8 of the ReadMe) and this one too. With the bgStretcher stack you can even make a slideshow!

This theme provides built-in support for Josh Lockhart’s RapidSearch plugin in the ExtraContent 2 container. You'll need the RapidSearch plugin for this. This demosite shows some examples. Of course you can also put the searchbox in another EC container or somewhere else.

1. How to install a theme?
2. How to add ExtraContent area(s) in your RapidWeaver page?
3. The Logo and Title have a link with the index.html of your website.
4. Position of the Logo.
5. How to add a color to the ExtraContent 7 container.
6. How to add an image or pattern to the ExtraContent containers and how to increase the height of the header.
7. How to add a slideshow to the Header (ExtraContent7 area), how to increase the height of the slide show and how to add a slideshow to any other EC area?
8. How to add a browserwide backgroundimage to your webpage.
9. How to add a pattern to the Content Stroke, Body and/or the menu hover background.
10. Different font to Title/Slogan, Blog Title, FileSharing Title and other titles.
11. Title and Slogan inline and Vertical Border.
12. How to change the fontsize of the Content and Sidebar?
13. Text Shadows.
14. Contact Page inputfields width.
15. Line height of the Menu.
16. Links underlined.
17. SearchBox in the ExtraContent area.
18. TextTime in the ExtraContent area
19. Date (US and European) in the ExtraContent area
20. Mail-A-Friend in the ExtraContent area
21. More about adding an image or file with Rapidweaver 5.
22. Analog Clock.
23. Hide the sliding of the menu.
24. Horizontal sliding of the menu.
25. Use the prettyPhoto stack in a Photo Album Page.
26. Show all Submenus.
27. Special characters for arrows in a menu.
28. Codes for the Sidebarheader.

This demosite is build with different Theme Styles and with very simple CSS-codes. You can paste these in the Custom CSS (Page-Inspector > Header > CSS) of your RW-page. There are more of these codes in the Readme file and they are really very simple to use.

All plugins and allmost all stacks work with SERENO.
There are so many stacks (most work perfectly!) and almost every day new stacks are released that I cannot test them all. So I cannot guarantee that every Stack will work. The RapidWeaver Central website shows all available stacks.
Internet Explorer (IE) doesn't support text- and boxshadows.

This theme has been tested and is OK with all browsers: IE6 (only without background image stretchers), IE7, IE8, Google Chrome, Camino, Firefox and Safari (for Windows and Mac), and on your iPhone and iPad. Internet Explorer (IE) doesn't support CSS3 shadows.

Background Images on an iPad and iPhone
The iPad/iPod/iPhone and some other mobile devices cannot handle background image stretchers. So when you use a full page background image and you have to scroll down on a page, the lower part of text falls outside of the image. To prevent this make sure you choose a background colour in the Theme Styles that allows you to properly read the text, and is similar to the colour of the background image (e.g. if your text is white and the bottom part of your background image black, choose black as the background colour in Theme Styles > Colours, so it will look as if the picture does not end when you're scrolling down. Though this is only important when you have a lot of content on a page ánd a background image, just to be on the safe side you might always choose a background colour similar to the background image.
Internet Explorer 6 doesn't support background image stretchers.