This is the demosite of the Rapidweaver theme STALKER Wide.

For all of us who deal with long web pages and need to scroll to the top for the menu, here's a nice alternative: a floating menu that moves as you scroll a page.
Many web pages don't fit on most users' screens. The visitors have to scroll to read the page contents. Such scrolling however hides the navigation menus usually located at the top of the page, left or right.

STALKER allows to create dynamic menus which move along with scrolling. Such menu will be always visible. With a slideshow plugin (Weaverpix, symCurl, symCanvas, symNivo, etc.) you can even add a slideshow on your header (iPhone, iPad too). The manual explains how to do this. With Pluskit you can import them in any page.

STALKER Wide has 5 ExtraContent areas that allow the user to add more content then RapidWeaver typically allows:
• EC1: above the Menu. By default this area is hidden, you can enable this in the Theme Styles. You can use this area for some textlines or your logo. With a CSS code you can fill this area with any image cor colour.
• EC2: below the Menu. This area floats together with the menu and can be filled with text, images or a logo.
• EC3: above the Footer.
• EC4: below the Footer,
• EC5: The slideshow on the header.
This page shows all areas.
Colours, font, fontsize, and background can be changed in the Colour Palette in the Theme Styles and with the Custom CSS Snippet.
All areas can be used for a RapidSearchbox (you'll need the RapidSearch plugin for this*), a Date and Time snippet, text, images or whatever. All scripts are in the downloadfile.

• SOME THEME STYLES of STALKER WIDE (click on the image left or go to this page)
• 10 different widths.
• 10 different Menu Borders.
• 2 SubMenu options: MainMenu and Submenu are in the floating area, or the MainMenu is in de floating area and the Submenu is in the sidebar.
• Menu Transparancy (5 different opacities).
• 2 different headerimage shadows.
• 5 different built-in headerimages and the ability to add custom header images.
The ReadMe file explains how to add more headerimages. As much as you like! In only 2 steps.
• Sidebar Left, Right or Hide.
• 12 different fonts.
• 4 different positions of the Menu and Header (Title and Slogan) and MenuShadow.
• 5 different background patterns for the Header, Body,Footer or Vertical Beam and the ability to add custom pattersn or just a background colour.
• Up to 4 ExtraContent Containers.
• Many color picker features.
• And much more: have a look at all Theme Styles

This theme has been tested and is OK with all RapidWeaver plugins and with the major browsers: IE6, IE7, IE8, Google Chrome, Opera, Camino, Firefox and Safari (for Windows and Mac).