This is a RapidWeaver theme
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Web trends have dramatically changed and technology has greatly improved, yet clean web design has remained consistent and beautiful. The STRIPPED theme is stripped down to the fundamentals required to convey the message.

   MENU: the STRIPPED theme has a drop down menu with only one (!) sublevel. Down-arrows show the menu-items with a sublevel for clear navigation through your website. Choose from 6 different menu positions.

   EXTRACONTENT: ExtraContent allows you to add more content then RapidWeaver typically allows.
Click on the heart icon to open EC5 (toggle effect built-in). The photo is in EC4. Have a look at all ExtraContent areas.

   FONT AWESOME: With Font Awesome you have 369 icons at your disposal, in any color and any size you like. And they are completely free for commercial use.

   BROWSER SUPPORT: A website created with this theme will work in all browsers (IE8+) and on your tablet or smartphone.

   RESPONSIVE DESIGN: The traditional fixed width design doesn't work any more. Web design needs to be adaptive. The layout needs to be automatically adjusted to fit all display resolution and devices.
Narrow your browser with this page, or check it on with iPhone/iPad/Android device. Or have a look here.

   THEME VARIATIONS: This Rapidweaver theme has a huge amount of theme variations, widths, color options, menu and header positions, beautiful fonts, font-sizes, etc. Look over here.

Download the free trial version and play around with all of its options. The Manual is built-in.
This is ExtraContent5. You can add text, social icons, stacks an/or images into this area.