This is a RapidWeaver theme
This is ExtraContent5 in a 2-Columns stack. I've added text to the content (below) and enabled the sidebar (without text) left, so the content is at the right side. In this way, you can see the main part of the background.
Text, Titles, etc are aligned to the right side.
This is the Stripped theme
with the Fancy Intro stack
The Fancy Intro stacks set (Fancy Intro and Fancy Curtain) creates cross browser animated intro's, so your visitors no longer have to look at that “normally boring page loading”. It's just like a Fancy Flash Intro but then without Flash since all it takes is a tiny jQuery script with some magic lines of CSS.

I've added the bgStretcher stack* to create a striking home page or splash page using an oversized static image or a dramatic slideshow to cover your whole background.
Read the manual of the STRIPPED theme for additional CSS to the submenu background (> more CSS) when using the bgStretcher stack.