Be different with a RapidWeaver theme that's quite different to other themes:

This theme comes in two versions:
UPSIDEDOWN Tabs and UPSIDEDOWN Drop-Up. Both themes have the same modern look but a different menu at the bottom of the browser window.
The header stays at the top of the browser window, even when scrolling (try it with this page), but you can change this behavior in the Theme Styles (example).
The menu stays at the bottom of the browser window.

As you have noticed the menus are not at the top... but at the bottom of the browser. Different from all other themes! UPSIDEDOWN allows to create dynamic menus which move along with scrolling. Such menus will be always visible.
UPSIDEDOWN TABS has a floating transparent menu with sliding tabs and one horizontal sublevel below the mainmenu.
UPSIDEDOWN DROP-UP has a drop-up menu with more sublevels. Down- and Right-Arrows show the menu-items with sublevels for clear navigation through your website.

The Title and Slogan are by default at the top... but the bottom is another option. By default there are no header images. The image slider above in the header is made with the WeaverPix plugin. And the one on this page too.

The bottomstroke contains the menu. It's always visible with scrolling. Below it is a stroke: you can fill this with any colour, pattern, image or with the Weaverpix image slider (any width is possible). The Readme explains how to fix this. The height is adjustable in the Theme Styles (from 60px until 200px).

UPSIDE DOWN has up to 8 ExtraContent areas that allows the user to add more content then RapidWeaver typically allows.
You can use this area for textlines, images, newstickers, Google ads, a Date and Time snippet, text, images or for example add the Weaverpix or symNivo plugin to show flash slideshows. With Weaverpix (many examples in this demosite) you can even add wide images! In the downloadfile are 15 red, blue and green images to start with... but feel free to make your own images! This page shows the Weaverpix plugin in the EC2 area, but any EC area is possible.
Colours, font, fontsize, borders and background can be changed in the Colour Palette in the Theme Styles and with the Custom CSS Snippet.
The EC6 area (stroke at the top) and EC7 area (stroke at the bottom) cannot be used for text but only for an image or an image slider... even browserwide!

There is an option for a Searchbox (you'll need the RapidSearch plugin for this) in the ExtraContent5 area. This demosite shows some examples. But any EC area is possible.

As you might have noticed I've used some CSS3 in the links and watch for example
here when you move your mouse over the thumbnails (FireFox and Internet Explorer don't support this yet).