Click on an image below for all Theme Styles of this theme.

tsu1 tsu2 tsu3 tsu5 tsu6 tsu7
BTW, this nice enlarging effect is FancyZoom and is made with the plugin PlusKit. Pluskit can automatically convert your photos to 'Fancybox' or 'Lightbox' format too (this is super-slick).

The bottomstroke contains the menu. It's always visible with scrolling. Below it is a stroke: you can fill this with any colour, text, pattern, image or with the Weaverpix image slider (any width is possible, see the example below). The Readme explains how to fix this. The height is adjustable in the Theme Styles (from 60px until 200px, click on the image left).
In the downloadfile are 15 red, blue and green images to start with... but feel free to make your own images!

As you have noticed the menus are not at the top... but at the bottom of the browser. Different from all other themes! This demo site shows both variations.
UPSIDEDOWN TABS has a floating transparent menu with sliding tabs and one horizontal sublevel below the mainmenu.
UPSIDEDOWN DROP-UP has a drop-up menu with more sublevels.

UPSIDEDOWN allows to create dynamic menus which move along with scrolling. Such menus will be always visible.

The Title and Slogan are by default at the top... but the bottom is another option. By default there are no header images. The image slider above in the header is made with the WeaverPix plugin. And the one on this page too.

The maximum size of the Logo must be about 110px tall. When you put it in the RW > Site-Setup > Logo: now it appears in the area above the MainMenu on the left part of the header next to the Title and Slogan (example). The Readme explains how to move the logo to any another position.
The Title and Logo have a link with the index.html of your website.

UPSIDE DOWN has 8 ExtraContent areas (click on image left for an enlargment) that allows the user to add more content then RapidWeaver typically allows. You can use this area for a RapidSearchbox (the Readme explains how to fix this), textlines, images, Google ads, image sliders or whatever. Colours, font, fontsize, borders and background can be changed in the Colour Palette in the Theme Styles and with the Custom CSS Snippet.
The EC1 area is on the header: you can use this for some extra lines with text. The width is adjustable. See this example. The background of this area can be transparent or hidden.
The EC7 and EC8 areas are at the top and the bottom and can only be used for an image or an image slider, such as Weaverpix or symNivo.

This demosite is build with different Theme Styles and with very simple CSS-codes. You can paste these in the Custom CSS (Page-Inspector > Header > CSS) of your RW-page. There are more of these codes in the Readme file and they are really very simple to use.

1. How to install a theme?
2. How to add your own image to the topstroke or the bottomstroke?
3. How to add a pattern to the body, the header, menu and/or bottomstroke?
4. How to add ExtraContent area(s) in your RapidWeaver page?
5. Vertical Title and Slogan Position.
6. How to add a Weaverpix or symNivo imageslider to the header?
7. Hide the Menu Shadow.
8. Horizontal Position of the Title and Slogan.
9. The Logo and Title have a link with the index.html of your website.
10. Position of the Logo.
11. Horizontal Borders Topstroke and Bottomstroke
12. Using RapidCart.
13. Width MainMenu (only HV-UPSIDEDOWN TABS!).
14. Footer centered.
15. How to change the fontsize of Content/Sidebar/Footer and Breadcrumb?
16. How to change the fontsize and fontweight of the SidebarHeader?
17. SearchBox the ExtraContent5 area (in the footerstroke below the submenu)
18. TextTime in the ExtraContent area
19. Date (US) in the ExtraContent area
20. Mail-A-Friend in the ExtraContent area
21. Slide-in Scroller
22. Newsticker
23. Issues
24. Other codes for the Sidebarheader.

All plugins and stacks work with UPSIDEDOWN.
Internet Explorer (IE) doesn't support rounded corners and CSS3 box- and text-shadows.

With an iPad or iPhone the navigation and the bottomstroke does not stay at the bottom: it goes up with the page when you scroll up the page and is covering the content now.

This theme have been tested and is OK with the major browsers: IE7, IE8, Google Chrome, Camino, Firefox and Safari (for Windows and Mac). But not with the outdated Internet Explorer 6!

IE6 doesn't support this theme. That's why IE6-users automatically are advised to update to a more secure modern browser.