XXL2-r is one of the most versatile themes that I've ever made. This theme takes us out of the automatic perceptual patterns.

The responsive XXL2-r has an option built-in for an (animated) Fullsize Background. This theme is suited for your showcase and portfolios and resizes images to fill browser while maintaining image dimension ratio.

You can use the free Slider stacks for this or the snippets in the download file. The setup is dead simple: drop the HV-Slider stack into a Stacks page and drop a HV-Slider Image stack in it for each image. All settings are in the stack info panel.
Optional are the Slide Controls: Slide Caption, Progress Bar, a Pause|Play button, a Show|Hide Button (so your visitors can hide the content when they want to see your images), Previous|Next thumbnails and a Thumbnails Tray.
You can choose between different image transitions: fade, slides, carousel. And of course the speed, length between transitions and much more.

There’s a Flickr version of the XXL2-r theme in the download file too. It pulls all images from Flickr. I’ve explained it in the manual. It has almost the same options and look as the XXL2-r theme.

The XXL2 theme has a drop down menu in the sidebar with sublevels. Down- and right arrows show the menu-items with a sublevel for clear navigation through your website.

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