Collage2 Styles
Collage is a plugin by YourHead for RapidWeaver. You’ll need this plugin to show the styles on this page.
Collage2 allows you to build a special type of web page for your RapidWeaver web site. Collage pages display a grid of thumbnails for images you choose. All the thumbnails can be given a highly customizable style with rollover effects, an pop up info box, and even a lightbox with a slideshow.

Below you see images of all 48 Collage Styles in the CollageStylesPack. All Styles are transparent, so you can use them on any backgroundcolor or backgroundpattern. See the example left.
When you click on one of the Collage images below you see the Idle (left) and Hover (right) image. Almost all styles are animated (see these examples).

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The downloadfile contains all Collage styles on this page and a ReadMe file. The ReadMe file explains how to install these styles, how to edit a style and the maximum size of the collage styles above.
There is a manual on this page.